LAND Clearing In The Pacific Norhtwest

Is your property covered in brush making it impossible to access or use the way you imagined?  We can help. Northwest Rescape is your Puget Sound eco-friendly land clearing service. Call us today to find out how you can save time and money, increase your property value and create a bright open space you can enjoy for generations.



Imagine what your property could be when you have a more light and bright open space. We help you envision what’s possible.


As your land clearing experts, Northwest Rescape can help you quickly turn non-usable brush and forestry space into open cleared land.


Increase your property value and usability when you create a park-like setting to enjoy for generations to come.

Proudly Serving The Greater Puget Sound Area

Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, Centralia, Chehalis, Eatonville, Enumclaw, Maple Valley, Port Orchard & Beyond.

What is Land Clearing?

Land clearing with a mulching machine removes existing vegetation and trees up to 12″ in diameter in less time and at a lower cost than any other option.

Mulching is an eco friendly clearing method that returns valuable nutrients to the soil while leaving root systems intact. It rarely requires permits and nearly eliminates erosion because the mulching process turns existing brush into additional topsoil even in difficult to reach locations.



Why Northwest Rescape?

Because you deserve the peace of mind.

Save Time & Money

Mulching machines can clear your property in less time for less money than compared to using heavy equipment. Save countless hours compared to manual brush removal and hauling.

Increase Property Value

Creating a beautiful and usable space is easier than you think. Your property value can also go up for future use or sale.

Improve Home Safety

Maintaining visible space around your home makes it easier to secure and also creates a defensible fire break between tree lines and your home increasing fire safety.

Bring In More Light

More light in your yard means less moss and clearer visibility and a healthier yard.

Protect Legacy Trees

Keep legacy trees in place to be limbed up and provide a park-like setting. This is important in sensitive areas or when greenspace needs to be maintained.

Keep Insects & Rodents Away

There’s no hiding in overgrowth or brush when your land is cleared out. This keeps small vermin at bay and reduces the likelihood of insect infestations.

The Benefits Of Mulching

When thinking about clearing your property why is mulching your best option? Because the benefits far outweigh any other option.
  • Lower cost than heavy equipment

  • Rarely requires permitting

  • Builds up topsoil layer 

  • Creates natural erosion control

  • No burning, chipping or hauling

  • Returns nutrients to the soil

  • One-step process

Do It Yorself

Cut, Load, Haul, Repeat
  • Takes multiple weekends and evenings
  • Many trips take time and fuel
  • Maintenance of tools and equipment
  • Long, drawn out process
  • Physically demanding

Heavy Equipment

Dump Truck & Front Loader
  • Multiple heavy machines required
  • Requires more than one person
  • Can damage soil, lawn, and drainage
  • Debris required to haul away or burn
  • Often requires permits or easements
Katy Snyder

Katy Snyder

Owner & CFO

Katy breaks down barriers wherever she sets her sights. She is the mother of 3 free range kids, farm owner, college graduate with a Doctorate Degree, and an amazing wife. Whether in the office or on the job site Katy takes pride in delivering unmatched customer service and value to all Northwest Rescape customers.

Katy’s second most favorite saying for Northwest Rescape is “We clear land differently, and the difference is clear”. Want to know her favorite? Give us a call at 1-833-RESCAPE

Chad Snyder

Chad Snyder

Field Operations

When Chad went to clear his Puget Sound area property he found out how expensive and invasive using dump trucks and front loaders can be. As a firefighter with experience in forestry and land management he knew there had to be a better way. That’s when he discovered Northwest Rescape mulching machines as a sustainable eco-friendly and less expensive method for land clearing.

Today he operates field operations and sales for Northwest Rescape to serve Puget Sound families, real estate brokers and commercial businesses with smart, safe, and cost-effective land clearing services.